Wood Firing 2008.


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Shell Shell Shell Shell Shell Shell Shell
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     Old broken shells may be very beautiful. Sometimes even a small piece allows to imagine the whole form. Shells are very complicated as well – smooth internal surfaces relates with coarse and serrated outside.
     Wood firing of well shaped ceramics may show some unexpected result – flame freely flows around it and makes the work you could never repeat with the hands. With the same freedom the ocean grinds the pieces of broken shells.
     I didn’t try to repeat precisely natural forms in this series. I wished just to unite the properties of clay and fire. As porcelain is most suitable for fine, thin-walled shells, I have prepared the plaster model forms for porcelain slip casting. And finally I’ve got light, hollow shells, fired with flames.

Ignition      Firing was done in the beginning of September 2008, in The International Ceramic Research Center – Guldagergaard (Denmark), in the big cross-draught kiln. At this time the firing was managed by Japanese master Takashi Nakazatu, who is professional potter, highly experienced namely in wood firing. His working style is very intuitive, so for many participants of this session some steps of master weren’t clearly expected. The same way unexpected was the final of firing as well. But nevertheless, the result was reached and all participants got fine works.

Sten Lykke Madsen & Nancy Fuller      In this year Danish Center got many guests. Besides Danes and Japanese there were the artists from Norway, France and Holland. It was a pleasure to meet few old friends and to get new.
     All wooden kilns were fired, and besides the biggest Cross-Draught, two smaller – Soda Kiln and Bourry Box (Train Kiln) were fired too. The last two are of different construction and technology, so it was also very interesting to take part and see result.

     The pieces, fired in this session too: The Vase with Thorns (stoneware, h 60cm), and From the Earth Tube’s series (stoneware, h 91cm).

vase tube

© Irina A. German,  2008г.