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White Bowl The Vessel White Wood The Vase
The Snail The Bud X-Bowl The White Figure
The Dance The White Pot The Tube The Hail in July
The Tea Set The Virgin * Click to enlarge

     I don’t remember now, what was the force to begin photographing ceramics on location. However, first result was positive and I wished to continue, to take not only the last works, but also the few previous. Finnish Gulf So this page really includes photographs made at different time and place.
     The process isn’t stoped – every spare weekend a new expedition starts. We pack 2 or 3 works, put it in our car together with the tripod and cameras and running around the city environs trying to find out nice place to make photos with the best light. Sure, results may differ – sometimes the weather or technics fall. Seems like we haven’t got just half an hour to sundown or "suddenly" gray curtain of clouds closes half the sky and it’s time to run away till the earth road became very muddy. But it doesn’t mean nothing in compare with those lucky moments when we got home at last, load files into computer, stand still looking to display and make sure ourselves that among dozens of photographs there is the one, the same for sake we’ve trial…

© Irina A. German, 2005.