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Signs of North Signs of North Signs of North Boy With Pomegranate Molwa
Pre Columbian Jar Choral Picture Development
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Exhibition 1994    The Signs of North series was my first work, ordered right after the finishing study in Krasnoyarsk Art Institute. It was motivated by ethnography and ornamentals of Northern people. The series was used for the decoration of local lore museum in one of cities of Tyumen region. In 2004 I was pleased to see the photography of one "Sign" at the cover of the literary magazine Wrata Sibiry.
    Every of shown works presents someone series or theme. For instance, the big round bowl presents the series devoted to the culture of Prehispanic America, while the water jug and flowerpot are made in a country motif. Molwa and Chorist present the mythological series.
    Molwa, The Boy with a Pomegranate and The Development were purchased by Tyumen State Museum of Fine Arts.

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