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     In September – October 2004 I was working in creative group of ceramists at The Experimental Factory "Vorontsovo"(Moscow) of Russian Union of Artists. This factory gives the artists to use industrial electric and gas kilns and to work in studios equipped with all they need.
     The "autumn" faience 2004 may be divided for themes. Namely, the jars of the Bud series reflect my long time adherence to organic form. Here the white color of bisquit forces the line purity.
     In The White Figure series a specialist will see the likeness with the bones of a bird skeleton and that’s true. This is a trial "not to look aside" of thing that isn’t done as a source of beauty or maybe – to reflect the beauty of thing that couldn’t be deleted. The longevity of bone suggests an idea that nature has endowed it with the Great Spirit, which defend of disappearance and possibly able to generate loosen signs of life in future.
     The White Wood continues my previous woods, made at different time, technique and material. You can see its another sight in the live surround of winter forest at the page Photo Session.

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