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Panno Birds One Bird Irina
Under the Sea Under the Sea * Click to enlarge

     Panno Birds was created for small cafe, situated in the basement. The walls of the hall already were coated with a natural stone. There is only an artificial light inside.
     Separate stones were used as the parts of birds' bodies and wings, colored in the same gamut. The feather picture copies a stone structure too. Ceramic relief reproduces the dynamics of live bird and reminds fossilized one or the fragments of ancient rock paints. Height of relief doesn’t brakes the whole rhythm of coating, but supports the illusion of movement.

     Projecting the next panno Under the Sea for the big banquet hall, I have pictured a sea bottom as a wonderful garden, where beautiful fishes rounds near the coral branches like birds in a tropic forest. Sea stars, urchins and crawfishes are creeping along these corals. Remains of submerged ship, germinated with seaweeds and occupied by sea inhabitants, add the exotic underwater sight. Golden coins spilt from ancient chests, still shining like bait for the sea treasure hunters.

© Irina A. German, 2005.